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Hypodermic Tubing


Understanding Hypodermic Tubing: Unveiling Precision in Medical Engineering
Hypodermic tubing, often referred to as "hypo tube" or "medical-grade needle tubing," represents finely crafted small-diameter tubing designed primarily for medical applications. Despite its medical focus, this tubing exhibits versatility for use in various non-medical applications. The term "hypodermic" stems from its intended use "beneath the skin," reflecting its historical role in medical procedures.
Traditionally, hypodermic tubing has been expertly manufactured to form sharp needles, facilitating precise injections or extractions of fluids and tissues within both human and animal bodies. Its significance extends beyond the medical realm, making it a critical component in applications where precision and reliability are paramount.
Explore the world of hypodermic tubing for unparalleled precision in medical engineering and beyond.

We offer the hypodermic tubing listed as part of our regular stock.  All listed stock tube sizes are available for immediate shipment within 24 hours of order placement.  

  • The prices listed are per foot.

  • The minimum order is 10 feet with price breaks at 20, 50, 100, 250.

  • For quantities of 500 feet or more, please call, e-mail, or complete the online inquiry form.

  • All Products are available in 5′ lengths.
Some are available in 10′ lengths. Call for availability.

  • Call or request quotes for any of these materials to be cut to length, deburred, and cleaned.

If you have a need for a size not listed below, please call 530-761-5001 or email us at  Let us know your size requirements and we will be happy to provide a quote.


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